August: Osage County and One Chance

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Julia Roberts successfully juggled her iPhone, stylish glasses, a “glass”-glass, and a circling orbit of well-wishers in the narrow second floor dining room upstairs that included Jason Bateman and Christophe de Pous, CEO of Gucci, which co-sponsored the event with Grey Goose.

Around the time that the moguls of cheese and bread on display meant for ambiance degenerated in to actual finger food, the party was still going strong. Roberts was still on her feet with an arm slung tight around Kevin Huvane (above, with (Harvey) Weinstein), both of them beaming.

—Mikey Glazer, TheWrap
Toronto Party Scene: Julia Roberts, Taylor Swift Party for ‘August: Osage County’ Premiere

Grey Goose Vodka was hosting a hoot of a party to celebrate the premiere of August: Osage County for its cast members – including Julia Roberts, Ewan McGregor and Chris Cooper – and their friends. And the focal point of the bash was what appeared to be the biggest table in the land buckling under the weight of cold meats, cheeses, chutneys, fruit and freshly-baked bread. Cor, it’s a jolly good job there were plenty of Grey Goose Le Fizz cocktails to soak it all up.

Tatler Magazine
August: Osage County party at Soho House Toronto

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