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Odenkirk: Kevin Pollak and Bob Odenkirk at the “Skeleton Twins” dinner hosted by Grey Goose Blue Door

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Sundance Film Festival Parties and Events

Ashley Greene passed the time with her young fans, most of whom were keen to get a treasured snap, before rubbing shoulders with her cast-mates at the Wish I Was Here dinner, hosted by Grey Goose. The 26-year-old was joined at the event by the film’s versatile writer, director and principal lead Zach Braff, whose Kickstarter initiative helped him raise the money he needed to develop the movie independently, without studio intervention. Elizabeth Olsen also made an appearance at the exclusive event, as did model and actor Boyd Holbrook.

—Jason Chester, Daily Mail
Ashley Greene Chats to her Fans at Sundance Before Reuniting With Zach Braff for Grey Goose “Wish I Was Here” Dinner

Earlier this month, the GREY GOOSE Blue Door pop up lounge, in Park City, Utah, once again celebrated top talent within the film industry.

Occupying its usual place at the Sundance Film Festival – in the centre of Main Street – for the third year, the lounge hosted a series of screenings and cocktail parties for selected nominated films.

Without surprise, the screenings drew cast members, studio executives and celebrities, including Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, John C. Reilly, Luke Wilson, Chloe Moretz and Jeff Baena.

The first night of screenings kicked off with a dinner for the cast of The Skeleton Twins, followed by a screening of the film. Bringing the night to a close, was a screening of Wish I Was Here – a film receiving buzz after Director, Zach Braff, raised more than $3 million dollars to fund it using a Kickstarter campaign.

FAJO Magazine
Celebrity GREY GOOSE Blue Door Pop Up Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival

Amy Sacco’s Bungalow 8 will host a pop-up with film financier Worldview Entertainment at Grey Goose’s Blue Door lounge, to celebrate Zach Braff’s movie “Wish I Was Here” with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway’s “Song One” at the festival.

—Stephanie Smith, Page Six, New York Post
New York Clubs Take the Party to Sundance

The GREY GOOSE Blue Door lounge occupied its prime location in the center of Main Street for the third year in a row. The evening festivities began with a dinner for the cast of “The Skeleton Twins.” Director Craig Johnson, writer Mark Heyman, executive producer Mark Duplass and producer Jacob Pechenik posed for photos and greeted well-wishers, along with the film’s stars Bill Hader, Luke Wilson and model, Boyd Holbrook. Actors Kevin Pollack and Bob Oldenkirk came out to support as did Holbrook’s girlfriend, actress Elizabeth Olsen.

– Staff Writer, Examiner

Highlights from the Sundance Film Festival

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