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DWA threw a big bash at Baoli beach featuring a special exhibit of concept art with more than 100 pieces from the film – and the weather cooperated. Perfect night on the Cote d’Azur.

—Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood
Cannes: DreamWorks Animation Celebrates 20 As ‘Dragon 2′ Breathes Fire On The Fest

After America Ferrera’s “dress invasion” at the Palais on Friday night, Dreamworks Animation and Fox enjoyed perfect timing for the after bash at Baoli Beach: sunset. On Monday, “Foxcatcher” will lay claim to the same space. It gets dark later here, making the post-premeire 9 p.m. sunset in to “selfie-time by the shore” the first thing that most people have been doing after negotiating entry and descending the steps to the beach. America Ferrera didn’t shy back from addressing the incident at the party, telling Vulture she felt “violated” DreamWorks ambassador Chip Sullivan was at the ropes as the night began, and soon after, Jay Baruchel and Djimon Honsou worked the room filled with dragon themed artwork. The party was officially billed as an art show and cocktail reception.

—Mikey Glazer, TheWrap
Cannes Party Report’s Scene and Heard: Notable Quotables From on the Croisette

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