The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

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As you entered, you passed under an awning inscribed with a variation of Dante: “Lasciate Ogni Dolore Voi Ch Entrate” — “Abandon all pain, you who enter here.” In the backyard, there was an enormous glass tent and wide steps that led to the sea.

The scene of champagne, risotto stations and costumed waiters was like an imaginary party thrown by the story’s character, Effie: lavish and large-scale. It fit the spirit of the Cannes Film Festival, but not that of the film’s message of rebellion – despite the mockingjay symbol projected on every surface and pinned to each guest’s lapel.

—Barbara Chai, Speakeasy, Wall Street Journal
The Scene Inside the Cannes ‘Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ Party

Inside, we were greeted with waiters and models wearing intricate black, armorlike, skintight costumes, and black eye makeup. In the backyard was an enormous, red-lit, glass-roofed tent, as big and opulent as any nightclub. Chandeliers hung 30 feet off the ground, and the only hors d’oeuvres being passed seemed to involve foie gras. The mood was more subdued than last year’s, since Mockingjay is about a revolution, but still lavish enough to make it clear that Lionsgate is really, really glad it bought that YA series and wrangled these stars. And if, like Katniss, you needed to get away from it all, there was another long, dimly lit set of stairs leading all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

—Jada Yuan, Vulture
Cannes: Only a Russion Oligarch’s Villa Could Contain This Hunger Games Party

Lionsgate pulled out all the stops for their lavish Mockingjay Part 1 party at a private villa 30 minutes outside of Cannes. Cast members attended the party surrounded by models dressed in Capitol finery and gorgeous decor.

—Molly Amberson, Panem Propaganda
Inside the ‘Mockingjay’ Party at Cannes 2014

The party was held at a villa reportedly on the market for 150 million euro ($205 million)! The trio huddled under a tented garden with their co-star Sam Clafin and director Francis Lawrence. Most guests took a 30-minute shuttle ride to the villa. The stone entryway was lit up with red lights and the franchise’s signature Mockingjay symbol hung above the doorway. Inside models dressed in goth-like black leather, feathers and more lined a black carpet. Guests continued to drink and dance, barely noticing when the cast slipped away to destinations unknown.

—Mark Malkin, E! Online
Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth show Off Dance Moves at Cannes Mockingjay Party

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